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9648 Pinay ladies from the Philippines and men listed here. All of the Asian ladies and men on this Singles site have at least one real profile image and currently 26451 lady gallery images. We could have 50,000 members and 80% without images but what is the point? We've been online 10 years providing a quality dating site. Only real personals listed here and everyone can use our desktop and mobile chat. All profiles are checked after registration and approved or deleted based on several factors.

Women here are from the Philippines or Filipinas living abroad in such places like Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates or various other Middle Eastern countries. The men are usually located in places like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Belguim, Ireland, Norway, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. It is assumed that the man will need to travel to meet his Asian girlfriend. If they decide to get married there is a legal process or visa petition that must be completed if the fiancee/wife will travel abroad to be with her spouse.

Our Skype chat and MP audio/video chat is a great way to reach Pinay ladies and guys here. Upgraded members can go to the "Contact" section of any profile and click the Skype ID icon. If the member is logged on to Skype they should receive your call no matter where they are located online. Besides our own audio/video chat this is the next best way members hook up. This is all part of our upgrade for just $4.99 a month or the cost of an energy drink. This amount is enough to filter out most game players/time wasters and it also helps maintain the site.

It is actually a lot easier for guys to avoid Filipina scammers than it is for ladies to avoid problem men. If guys live by the simple rule of never sending money to Asian ladies they only know online problem solved. Some guys cannot live by this simple rule so they get zero sympathy from me. Ladies are often running into married guys playing single. Or, guys just looking for a free cam show. Some other men are just looking for a sex vacation with zero committments. Ladies from the Philippines get duped just as often as men but they are less likely to complain about it in public.